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#5 Weekly Newsletter 4th July

This Week’s Menu

This week we are back with lots of popular dishes to begin July, the start of the "rainy season" in Thailand.

New on the menu is "Spicy Thai Vegan Curry". If you like your curry with that extra chilli "kick" then this is the one for you! (If not, we still have red and massaman on the menu made to our usual mild-medium heat).

The "Spicy Vegan" is made to a slightly hotter recipe than our regular mild-medium curries. Extra chillies are blended (the traditional way of course!) into our secret red curry paste consisting of nine super food herbs and ingredients.

Whether you choose the "Spicy Vegan" or one of our milder curries, because of our 100% natural ingredients and traditional cooking methods you will be sure to taste the difference! As always, we are on the end of the phone or messenger if you ever require any assistance with your menu choice.

The Thai Larder Story

From a very young age, I can remember spending my time in the kitchen helping my Mum and Grandma make food. I am Thai. I was born and raised in Thailand where the kitchen was the heart of the family home. My love of food and cooking have grown from there.

I absorbed my culinary skills by watching, learning, tasting and shopping with my mum. I didn't realise it at the time, but I was picking up skills which have been passed on from generation to generation, and cooking tips you can’t find in any books. I apply that knowledge in my creations today.

After many years of providing Thai cookery lessons, I found that the effort and time it takes to create authentic recipes in a traditional way and from fresh ingredients is not suitable for most modern life styles. It was then the concept of Thai Larder was born.

I love to share my love of Thai cuisine and making cooking Thai at home more enjoyable and convenient. With Thai Larder, delicious authentic Thai food doesn’t have to be complicated or stressful any more.

Rob and I think that it is better for the environment for ingredients to be sourced locally. We are the only fresh Thai cuisine which is made here in Tasmania, mainly from Tasmanian ingredients. We have created a long overdue pairing of authentic Thai cuisine and Tasmanian produce. “Thai with a Tasmanian twist.”

Gift Vouchers

Why not purchase a gift voucher as a gift for your family or friends? Gift vouchers are a great way to introduce someone you love to the joys of Thai cuisine!

They can be redeemed against our Home Delivery service or a Thai Cooking Lesson. For further details go to

I hope you enjoyed our fifth newsletter! If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at

Patcharin (Ann) Atkinson

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