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Thai Larder's fresh Thai curry "cook-in" sauces NOW in Woolworths!

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Create an authentic fresh Thai curry from scratch in just 15 minutes!

Our Thai chef has created Australia's first fresh & authentic Thai curry simmer sauce.

Add your choice of vegetables and protein, simmer for 15 minutes, & enjoy. Our curry is made the traditional way from fresh Tasmanian produce.

Made from fresh ingredients only, and free from additives, our sauces are the most convenient & the most authentic Thai curry “cook in” meal solution on the market.

Available from the fridge next to the fresh pasta sauces at all Woolworths in Tasmania!

Why Choose Thai Larder?

As the first premium curry sauce designed for the chiller cabinet, our sauces are fresh, local and delicious.

Everything you need to make an authentic Thai curry other than protein and vegetables is in the pouch. Just brown off your protein, add your sauce, add your favourite veggies, put the lid on, and simmer for 15 minutes. It's that easy!

Tasmanian Provenance

Thai Larder sauces are made from mainly fresh Tasmanian grown herbs; we are truly local at 60%- 80% Tasmanian. All ingredients are unprocessed and fresh.


Our sauces are gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free, have no refined sugar and are vegan friendly.

Less Room for Error

The outcomes are the same every time as you do not need to mix in coconut milk or fish sauce.

Two Great Special Offers!

* Win a $10 voucher.

Step 1: Post a photo of the Thai Larder sauce packet & a photo of the meal you made with it onto your social media or tag us in to your post.

Step 2: Add a short comment (anything from one word to 50 words!)

When we "like" your post we you will receive a $10 voucher towards your next Thai Larder sauce purchase.

offer ends 30/08/22

* Win 30% discount voucher for a Thai Banquet

Step 1: Buy three packs of Thai Larder's fresh curry sauces from Woolworths

Step 2: email with your Woolworths receipt, a photo of the sauces you have bought & your name & suburb.

We will then email you a 30% discount voucher towards delivery to your home of a Thai Banquet. (Hobart & suburbs based customers only) OR if you are outside Hobart & suburbs a $10 Woolworths voucher for a free sauce.

offer ends 30/08/22

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