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Fresh Thai Curry Sauce
200ml (serves 2-3)

Indulge in the exclusive delight of our fresh Thai curry sauce, available only selected stores at Woolworths NSW, QLD and TAS. We are proud to offer you a truly unique culinary experience that can only be found in the fridge (near fresh pasta).

The list of stores in TAS, NSW and QLD

If you can't find our products please give us a call or send us a message.

Plant Based-
Fresh Thai Curry Sauce

400ml (serves 4-5)

To savor our Plant-Based Curry Sauce, you need only venture into the local specialty stores and markets of Tasmania. It is here that you will discover the hidden gem that lies within each pouch—a burst of flavors that evoke the spirit of this remarkable island. Our stockists are 

  • Hill Street Grocers Sandy Bay, West Hobart, South Hobart, Newtown and Lauderdale. 

  • Salamanca Fresh Bellerive, Kingston and Davey street.

  • TCM Market

  • IGA Lindisfarne

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