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Our mild Thai Green Curry is a delightful blend of flavours that offers a gentle introduction to the enchanting world of Thai cuisine. Crafted with care, this curry balances the aromatic nuances of fresh green chillies, lemongrass, and other herbs and spices.

While still delivering the essence of traditional Thai green curry, this mild version offers a milder level of spiciness, making it suitable for those who prefer a more subtle heat. It allows you to appreciate the harmonious combination of flavors without overwhelming your taste buds.

With its creamy coconut milk base, the mild Thai Green Curry offers a luscious and comforting texture. It's a perfect canvas for showcasing your choice of protein, whether it's chicken, beef, fish, shrimp, or tofu. The curry also pairs beautifully with a medley of vegetables, adding vibrancy and nutritional value to your meal.

Preparing this mild Thai Green Curry is a breeze. Simply simmer the curry sauce with your preferred ingredients, and within minutes, you'll have a satisfying and flavorful dish that captures the essence of Thailand.

Enjoy the mild Thai Green Curry as a comforting weeknight dinner or as a crowd-pleasing option for gatherings with friends and family. Its delicate flavors and creamy richness are sure to leave a lasting impression, making it a beloved choice for Thai cuisine enthusiasts of all levels.

INGREDIENTS Coconut cream, Water, Green curry paste (Red onion, Lemongrass, Garlic, Galangal, Coriander, Basil puree, Green chillies, Kaffir lime leaves, Spices, Salt), Fish sauce
(Fish), Sugar, Tapioca starch, Salt, Citric acid.

Allergens Contains: Fish, may contain Crustacea

Made in Australia

from mainly

Australian produce

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