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#1 Weekly Newsletter 15th May

Updated: May 22, 2021

This Week’s Menu

Thai Chicken Fried Rice

New on the menu this week is Thai chicken fried rice or Khao Phat Gai. This is a classic dish in Thai cuisine and literally translates to “Chicken Fried Rice!” It is different to Chinese fried rice as it uses fragrant Jasmine rice rather than long grain rice. Khao Phat Gai uses a simple blend of onions, garlic and peppers to enhance the chicken but the key difference is the use of fish sauce which provides a unique depth of flavour very different to its Chinese cousin. The fish sauce also creates a beautiful balanced blend of sweet, salty, acidic, and spicy flavors that are so prominent in Thai cuisine.

Like Chinese chicken fried rice, Thai fried rice contains scrambled egg, but the egg is mixed in with the rice while still runny, coating the rice grains and creating an incredibly flavorsome dish. Thai chicken fried rice is commonly served with cucumber and a slice of lime. What’s not to like?

Thai Curry

Our two curries this week are Massaman curry and Red Curry. Both of them are gluten free. Massaman is the mildest of our curries and a firm favourite with children and those who like their curries sweet and mild. While this curry originated at the ancient Thai Court of Ayutthaya in what was central Siam it is likely heavily influenced by Persian cuisine. Indeed, some historians believe the word massaman originated from mussulman which means a follower of the religion of Islam.

Others believe that it comes from Southern Thailand and has its origins in Malaysian and Indian cooking due to the spices it contains. I guess we will never know for sure but once you have tasted the spicy, sweet and heavily aromatic flavour you will likely want a second helping!

Our red curry is bright and a little spicier, as its paste is based on red chillies. It plays to your Savoury taste buds more than massaman. That said, its chilli spice levels should be manageable for most adults as we make our curries the authentic way to allow the complex flavours of all the herbs used in the paste to shine, and not just the chilli. The most versatile of the Thai pastes, red curry paste is used in a wide range of Thai dishes and I will talk more about that in my next newsletter.

All of our curries are made using traditional methods and are not something you can cook as a quick fix for a week day dinner. It takes time, skill and practice to cook them from scratch. That’s why Thai Larder’s home delivery service is such a great choice for those with busy lifestyles who appreciate being able to serve convenient but healthy authentic homestyle food to their friends and families.

I am getting hungry just writing this!

Improvements to our Home Delivery Service

We are experimenting with a move from our regular Thursday and Friday delivery to a regular Thursday and Sunday delivery to extend the number of days during the week that our customers can take advantage of our “Reheat & Enjoy” model.

For Thursday delivery please order by the preceding Tuesday. And for Sunday delivery please order by the preceding Thursday). If this new delivery schedule works well for our customers, this will become our long-term plan. Our produce has a 3-day shelf life in the refrigerator. Always make sure reheat properly (i.e. steaming hot) before consuming and do not reheat the same food twice.

If you have a preferred delivery time on either the Thursday or Sunday please enter it on the on-line ordering page when you place your order or email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request. By late morning of delivery day we will have a pretty good idea of our most efficient delivery schedule and Rob will text you an estimated delivery slot. If you are going to be out, he can leave your order in an esky (please leave some ice in it!) or if you reply to his text he can sometimes rearrange his route to give you a different slot. Delivery on Thursday’s is between 1630 and 1930. Sunday delivery is between 1400 and 1630.

Refer a Friend

As a thank you to our regular customers we have introduced a refer a friend program. Just ask your friend to mention to us when they order that you referred them and we will give you 10% off your next order. You can do this with as many friends as you like, and each time you will be entitled to the same 10% discount! All we ask is that either your friend mentions you when they order or you drop us an email to let you know who you have recommended them before they order.

I hope you enjoyed our first newsletter! If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at

Patcharin (Ann) Atkinson

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SandieKelsey Johnson
SandieKelsey Johnson
05 de set. de 2022

Very informative, thankyou . Will be ordering soon 👍‼️

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