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#2 Weekly Newsletter 22nd May

Updated: May 23, 2021

This Week’s Menu

The return of "Thai Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce"

There were a few requests for Thai Larder's chicken satay last week. You asked, so we responded! Our chicken satay uses premium free range Tasmanian chicken thighs marinated with fresh herbs and spices. Most other satay recipes out there don't use fresh herbs to marinate this dish. We always use fresh herbs as our beautiful customers deserve the best!! On the theme of deserving the best, at Thai Larder we source at least 85% of our produce from Tasmania because we know that Tasmanian meat and vegetables are better! We also love that our menu supports Tasmanian farmers. Thai Larder's peanut sauce is nutty, savory sweet, sour and salty with a hint of spiciness. Absolutely divine is the best way to describe it!

Thai Curries

Our two curries this week are Massaman curry, our mildest and most popular curry, and Thai green curry which has medium heat with a slightly sweet taste as its name. (Kaeng =curry, Kiew = green, Wan = sweet). It is the world most famous Thai curry. Both of them are gluten free. Each week, we make a new batch of curry paste for each curry. Our pastes are all made from authentic ingredients and "from fresh ingredients", none of your supermarket processed paste for us. Commercial supermarket pastes rely heavily on creating a heat profile that masks their lack of herbs and spices which is why we steer clear of them and use a pestle and mortar to pound the flavour out of our natural ingredients. As a result of traditional preparation methods, our curry flavour profile is different from every Tasmanian restaurant we have tried so far (unless it is the one we supply!).

Now, it's our opinion of course but, In our view, the best Thai curry is not the hottest curry (in fact the Thai's didn't start using chillies until the 18th century). The best Thai curry allows you to taste the complex flavours of the herbs and spices before the "heat notes" from the chilli hits your taste buds to elevate the experience still further. If you have never had a Thai curry based on a "fresh" paste before, please do try ours. Like many of our customers, we think you will never go back to shop bought curry paste again. If your taste buds have a high resistance to the heat of chillies (or sweating while you eat is your thing!), don't forget to add a sachet of chilli with fish sauce to your order.

Improvements to our Home Delivery Service (Update)

It has been another busy week with Thursday delivery between 4.30pm and 8pm. Our Sunday delivery option has yet to have any takers. We will continue to run a Sunday delivery trial for the next 3 weeks. If the demand isn't there, we we will revert back to Thursday delivery only.

For Thursday delivery please order by the preceding Tuesday. And for Sunday delivery please order by the preceding Thursday.

Our meals are rapidly chilled after cooking and have a minimum 3-day shelf life in the refrigerator after delivery. Always make sure you store below 5 degrees if not eating on the delivery evening, and always reheat properly (i.e. steaming hot) before consuming. I am sure you all know this, but it is never a good idea, for safety reasons, to reheat the same food twice.

If you have a preferred delivery time on either the Thursday or Sunday please enter it on the on-line ordering page when you place your order, or email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request. By late morning of delivery day we will have a pretty good idea of our most efficient delivery schedule and Rob will text you an estimated delivery slot. If you are going to be out, he can leave your order in an esky (please leave some ice in it!) or if you reply to his text he can sometimes rearrange his route to give you a different slot. Delivery on Thursday’s is between 1630 and 2000. Sunday delivery is between 1400 and 1630.

Refer a Friend

As a thank you to our regular customers we have introduced a refer a friend program. Just ask your friend to mention to us when they order that you referred them and we will give you 10% off your next order. You can do this with as many friends as you like, and each time you refer a different friend who has not ordered from us previously you will be entitled to the same 10% discount! All we ask is that either your friend mentions you when they order or you drop us an email to let you know who you have recommended them before they order.

I hope you enjoyed our second newsletter! If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at

Patcharin (Ann) Atkinson

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