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#9 Weekly Newsletter 8th August

This Week’s Menu

Think Different. Eat Different.

Following the popularity of our Thai Banquet for Two & Mixed Entree Platters, we have added a few more Set Banquet menus. This will make it faster and easier to order your favourite dishes, or to try something new!

There are lots of favourites on the menu such as dumplings, spring rolls, chicken satay, red curry and stir fried beef (or chicken) with ginger. Thai Pork Scotch Fillet with garlic and peppercorn is back. This dish is a great favourite with younger eaters and those who like gentle aromatic flavours.

For our vegetarian and vegan customers we have Spring

Rolls, Red Curry & Mixed Veggie Stir Fry.

Good tastes Good at Thai Larder.

The Thai Larder Difference!

The Secret Ingredient is always Thai Larder.

Thai Larder is a smart new concept in Thai food. We deliver delicious Thai ready made meals across Hobart and surrounds.

Impress your family and friends with our authentic homestyle Thai meals that are easy to order online and take from 3-10 minutes to prepare.

* Quick & Effortless to Reheat

* Delicious & Authentic Flavours

* Carefully prepared by a Thai chef from fresh natural Tassie produce.

* Nothing processed & no preservatives. Just real food.

* Can be stored in the fridge for 3 days before eating - so great for meal planning.

* Eco-friendly packaging

* Delivered chilled every Thursday & Saturday to your door so you can chill in style!

Everything is good if it's Thai Larder.

For every special occasion there's Thai Larder

A gift voucher is a modern equivalent of bringing a home cooked meal to a loved one. Giving someone a few nights off from cooking to say "thank you" "well done" or "we are thinking of you" is always a nice surprise whatever the circumstances.

Our gift vouchers can be redeemed against:

  • Home Delivery chilled meal service.

  • Thai Cooking Lesson for adults & children

  • A Cooking Demonstration party

  • Catering for a special event

I hope you enjoyed our 9th newsletter! If you did, please press the heart symbol before going!

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at

Patcharin (Ann) Atkinson

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