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#7 Weekly Newsletter 18th July

This Week’s Menu

This week's menu is for those who Love to Eat!

This week we have our savoury little pouches of love that are stuffed with so much flavour - pork dumplings Thai style. They are versatile, delicious, and a total crowd pleaser. For those of you who are seeking something different there is Crispy Thai Pork Toast (Khanom Pang Na Moo). Crispy Thai Pork Toast is one of the most addictive and filling Thai street food snacks. If you’re looking for a finger food, look no further! This is it! Our Green Curry & Massaman Beef are made with our Thai Larder secret pastes to a mild recipe and are filled with complex and delicious authentic Thai flavours that everyone in your family will enjoy.

We have three specials this week.

Our first special is Chicken Teriyaki. “Teri” in Japanese, means luster, while “yaki “means to grill. A Japanese dish that has become as popular in Thailand as it is in Japan. If you love mixing sweet with savory tastes this is the one for you. It is also a great way to introduce the joy of contrasting flavours to the younger people in your life!

Our second & third "specials" are a slightly spicier ask - but we think you will love them!

"Spicy Thai Vegan Curry". is made with Thai Larder's secret green curry paste, it is filled to bursting with lots of luxurious Thai coconut cream and tofu, zucchini, pumpkin squash, chick peas, egg plant and red capsicum. This one is not only super healthy but it really is a delight for the taste buds and is the ultimate "green cuisine" in every way!

Our third special "Stir Fried Red Curry" (Pad Prik King) combines our Thai Larder red curry paste with tender free range pork and oodles of veggies in what we think is the best stir fry you've ever had. It's the kind of stir fry that is so good you will want to eat anything left over for brunch the next day! Spicy, warm, comforting, and perfect for cool winter days. It’s a little rich, too, but so full of vegetables that it doesn’t feel too indulgent. Being spicier, it will wake up the taste buds of everyone who loves delight in every bite!

Spicy Vegan Green. Stir Fried Red Curry. Be cool and have it hot!

The Thai Larder Difference

Convenient, Healthy & Delicious. You Deserve it.

At Thai Larder, our authentic Thai Meal delivery service is 100% freshly made, uses only natural ingredients - and is made the traditional way with a pestle and mortar and other traditional Thai cooking tools used for 100's of years.

We deliver your meal chilled so you can either place it in the fridge and eat it a couple of days later. Of course, you can indulge yourself and reheat it straight away!

Reheating is very quick and easy taking just a few minutes in a pan, microwave or oven. Each dish has simple clear reheating instructions written on the packaging.

Our packaging is fully compostable and can go in your green bin, or on your home compost. So, now you really can eat good and do good!

Good tastes Good at Thai Larder.

Gift Vouchers

Why not purchase a gift voucher as a gift for your family or friends? Gift vouchers are a great way to introduce someone you love to the joys of Thai cuisine!

They can be redeemed against:

  • Our Home Delivery meal service.

  • Thai Cooking Lesson for adults

  • Thai Cooking Lessons for children

  • A cooking demonstration party

  • Catering for a special event

I hope you enjoyed our 7th newsletter! If you did please press the heart symbol before going!

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at

Patcharin (Ann) Atkinson

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