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#6 Weekly Newsletter 12th July

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

This Week’s Menu

This week we have a crackerjack of a menu for you with not one, but two "specials".

Firstly, a brand new dish "Pad Prik King". An interesting name as "King" means "ginger" in Thai and yet there is no ginger in this dish. However, as the name reads in English it is certainly a right royal dish! It is the king of stir fries, made with Thai Larder's secret Red Curry paste, free range Tasmanian pork fillet, Tasmanian green beans - and lovingly crafted into something very special.

Our second "special" is "Spicy Thai Vegan Curry". It is a slightly spicier ask, but we think you'll love it! If you like your curry with that extra chilli "kick" then this is the one for you. Made with Thai Larder's secret green curry paste, it is filled to bursting with lots of luxurious Thai coconut cream and tofu, zucchini, pumpkin squash, chick peas, egg plant and red capsicum. This one is super healthy and will wake up the taste buds of everyone who loves a plant based culinary delight!

Whether you choose the "Spicy Vegan" or one of our milder curries, because of our 100% natural ingredients and traditional cooking methods you will be sure to taste the difference! As always, we are on the end of the phone or messenger if you ever require any assistance with your menu choice.

Fresh Thai Curry Sauces Coming Soon

Do you remember that first time you tasted an amazing Thai curry? The awakening of your taste buds. Nothing quite like anything you ever tasted. Maybe think back to that first time you fell in love. The combination of emotions in love and the flavours in Thai Larder cuisine are both simultaneously bold, subtle and complex. Can you imagine being able to quickly and easily recreate that?

At Thai Larder our philosophy is to make truly authentic and delicious Thai curries accessible to everyone - and that is why we have created our range of fresh Thai curry sauces for you to cook at home.

There are 3 sauces in the range: red, green, and massaman. Carefully crafted from mainly Tasmanian natural produce, all our ingredients are unprocessed and fresh. They are gluten free, egg free, dairy free, nut free, have no refined sugar and because they are plant-based they are great for everyone!

Thai Larder sauces fuse the best of Thai flavour with the best of Tasmania ingredients. Watch this space for updates and our release date!

Gift Vouchers

Why not purchase a gift voucher as a gift for your family or friends? Gift vouchers are a great way to introduce someone you love to the joys of Thai cuisine!

They can be redeemed against our Home Delivery service or a Thai Cooking Lesson. For further details go to

I hope you enjoyed our sixth newsletter! If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me at

Patcharin (Ann) Atkinson

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